Design, Re-Engineering and Fabrication of Tooling

In the Aerospace Industry many composite parts are legacy parts. Sometimes, there are no longer drawings or tools available for those parts. In some other cases old tools are non-functional or require a tremendous amount of rework. SOLTEC has developed a “Rapid Reaction Tooling System”. The customer supplies SOLTEC with any possible existing part or tool information, such as an old or new part, an old or new tool or and old drawing. The SOLTEC engineering team will do the rest.  The “Rapid Reaction Tooling System” will generate a valid CAD file for the customer for part and tool as well as a new fabricated tool. Furthermore, SOLTEC is able to supply finished composite parts if needed. SOLTEC utilizes design software, scanners, 3D printers, CNC-machines and Thermoplastic forming equipment

Customer supplies old beat-up tool – no drawing and no CAD-file. Soltec delivers CAD file for the composite part and for the layup tool as well as a machined and assembled layup tool.

New Design

Soltec utilizes SolidWorks as CAD software and is able to design tools, mold and mandrels as service for our customers. Soltec can provide a broad selection of composite tooling solutions for your design. Our innovative creativity helps us to think outside the box to find a solution to any design challenge we’re given.

Material and Process Development and Testing

Beside the exIsting material formulations, Soltec is able to develop specific material tooling formulations for each customer utilizing:

- INSTRON Testing equipment


- CMM Equipment - ROMER ARM


Soltec is able to support the development and fabrication of new designed mandrels, tools or molds utilizing:

- CNC Vertical Machine Center

- 3D Rapid Prototyping Printer

- Horizontal Plate Press 20 ton

- Large cavity industrial microwave


Soltec has two production locations and is able to fullfil any size tooling project for our customers.

Quality Systems

Soltec is in compliance with the ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

Soltec ISO Certificate


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