About Soltec

Soltec is a Material Research and Production company in Tucson, Arizona providing customers with material and process solutions for their unique composite applications.  SOLTEC Headquarters for R&D Production is located in Tucson Arizona with a Production location in Nogales, Sonora Mexico. We specialize in tooling solutions including:

  • Water soluble mandrel tooling materials/mandrels for low temp (thermo set plastics up to 400F) and high temp (thermoplastics up to 1000F) complex/trapped composite applications, such as air ducts, stringers, spoilers, manifolds, winglets, rotor blades etc.
  • Design, re-engineering and fabrication of legacy tools, parts, trim jigs, CAD files, utilizing re-engineering software, CMM scanner, 3D printers and CNC vertical machine centers.
  • Custom thermoformed plastic solutions with expertise and recourses to handle large scale, complex projects from concept to manufacturing.

We take the time to understand the customers application needs so we can deliver exceptional value to them. We strive to develop long-term working relationships with outstanding professionals and forward-thinking companies based upon performance and trust.

Soltec is able to take newly developed materials and provide the fabrication of exceptional quality products.

Once our customer has accepted the material formulation for their desired application, we are able to fabricate high quality parts utilizing experienced employees, state of the art facilities and proven quality methods. Constant customer feedback allows us to ensure a consistent quality of the product and continues process improvement.


Customer satisfaction is our priority. Request a consultation today and let us help you find the best solution for your composite application needs.