Introducing Soltec

SOLTEC, formerly known as Solariz and Techshapes, was established in 2016.  SOLTEC’s mission is to continue to provide the best quality of non-metalic tooling solutions to all our national and international customers. Our product lines include water removable mandrel tooling materials for any trapped configuration for thermoset plastic composite parts as well as for high temp thermoplastic composite parts up to 850 F and 1000 psi of compression strength.

We also supply low and high temp heat activated self expanding films and tapes, called TecFilm. The TecFilm family allows the fabrication of perfect outer surfaces without the need of autoclave pressure. Furthermore, it can be utilized as pressure intensifier or for metal to composite bonding applications. TecFilm can generate up 400 psi of pressure. TecFilm is easily applied and generates local, uniform pressure where needed. The pressure can be controlled.

We are looking forward to working with you on your existing or new composite project.